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Are Non Catholics our Brothers and Sisters Too?

Answer: Yes, Noncatholics and Catholics are still brothers and sisters because anyone who has been blessed belongs to the Church of Christ.  People ask this question because of the different religions present.  Even though there are different religions present, the Holy Spirit still protects and blesses them as long as they practice the same. (Youcat)

How does the church view other religions?

How does the Church view other religions? The church respects other religions. There are religions that may have specific beliefs that are similar to Catholicism, and that is what she(the Church) respects also. What if I was born without knowing about Catholicism? People who were born without knowing Catholicism or Christianity are not at fault.

Who can administer Baptism?

What is Baptism? Baptism is the process of being purified. In the Catholic church, this is when an individual (usually babies) are sprinkled holy water by the priest. Why do we need to be baptized? Because of Adam and Eve, all humans that were born on earth have sinned. For us to go to heaven,

I will bless you no matter what.

You are My beloved child. I chose you before the foundation of the world, to walk with me along paths designed uniquely for you. Concentrate on keeping in step with Me instead of trying to anticipate My plans for you. if you trust that My plans are  to prosper you and not to harm you, you can relax

I am, I was, I will always be.

Wait patiently with Me while I bless you. Don’t rush My Patience with time-consciousness gnawing at your mind. I dwell in timeliness: I am, I was, I will always be. For you, time is a protection; you’re a frail creature who can handle only twenty-four segments of life. Time can also be a tyrant, ticking away

Thank me.

Thank me for the very things that are troubling you. You are on the brink of rebellion, precariously close to shaking your fist in My Face. You are tempted to indulge in just a little complaining about My treatment to you. But once you step over that line, torrents of rage and self-pity can sweep

What happens during Confirmation?

What is Confirmation? Confirmation is a ritual by having baptized individuals “confirm” that they are members of the Church.  This is also the time when people receive the body of Christ during Mass. What happens During Confirmation? During confirmation, the person being confirmed has to face the Priest or Bishop and confess all their sins.

When was the start of the Eucharist?

The start of the Eucharist was during the last supper. The last supper is an event in which he gave the bread which signifies as blood, and the wine which signifies as his blood. Take this, all of you, and eat of it: for this is my body which will be given up for you.


The Modern Catholic

The Modern Catholic

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