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What are the books of the bible?

  The old testament refers to before Christ (BC) while the New Testament refers to After Christ was Born (AD). The Old Testament (46 Books) The Historical Books Genesis (Gen) Exodus (Ex) Leviticus (Lev) Numbers (Num) Deuteronomy (Deut) Joshua (Josh) Judges (Judg) Ruth 1 Samuel (1 Sam) 2 Samuel (2 Sam) 1 Kings 2 Kings

I am with you at all times

Trust Me in the depths of your being. It is there that I live a constant communion with you. When you feel flustered and frazzled on the outside, do not get upset with yourself. You are only human, and the swirl of events going on all around you will sometimes feel overwhelming. Rather than scolding

My Holy Presence

Worship Me in the beauty of holiness. I created beauty to declare the existence of My holy Being. A magnificent rose, a hauntingly glorious sunset, oceanic splendor-all these things were meant to proclaim My Presence in the world. Most people rush past these proclamations without giving them a second thought. Some people use beauty, especially

Your Anchor

Come to Me continually. I am meant to be the Center of your consciousness, the Anchor of your soul. Your mind will wander from Me, but the question is how far you allow it to wander. An anchor on a short rope lets a boat drift only slightly before the taut line tugs the boat back towards the

Enjoy My perfect Love

Let my love seep into the inner recesses of your being. Do not close off any part of yourself from Me. I know you inside and out, so do not try to present a “cleaned-up” self to Me. Wounds that you shut away from the Light of My Love will fester and become wormy. Secret

What is Love?

What is “Love”? Love is the free self-giving of the heart. It is when you feel for someone that you give or offer yourself to them. Whether for a friend, to a family member, random stranger or anyone you encounter in life, you can give love to them. Love can come in different ways. For

Relax and let Me lead you.

Relax and let Me lead you through this day. I have everything under control: My control. You tend to peer anxiously into the day that is before you, trying to figure out what to do and when. Meanwhile, the phone or the doorbell rings, and you have to reshuffle your plans. All that planning ties you

Is there a contradiction between faith and science?

According to the Youcat, “Faith is knowledge and trust” There are 7 characteristics. 1) Faith is a sheer fight from God, which we receive when we ask for it. 2)It is the supernatural power that is absolutely necessary if we are to attain salvation. 3)Faith requires the free will and clear understanding of a person when

Open your hands

Open your hands and your heart to receive this day as a precious gift from Me. I begin each day with a sunrise, announcing My radiant Presence. By the time you rise from your bed, I have already prepared the way before you. I eagerly await your first conscious thought. I rejoice when you glance

Does god guide the world and my life?

Yes, he actually does. He guides us in certain paths that he alone knows. Everything that happened to you happened for a reason. Every pain, suffering, happiness, and war he has guided us. Everything he took away he replaced with something better. All of these are a test. Whatever it that happened in your life


The Modern Catholic

The Modern Catholic

I was born and raised Catholic. I created this blog to explain the Christian Faith through modern terms, along with telling my experiences.