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Whenever you feel distant

Whenever you feel distant from Me, whisper My Name in loving trust. This simple prayer can restore your awareness of My Presence. My Name is constantly abused in the world, where people use it as a curse word. This verbal assault reaches all the way to heaven; every word is heard and recorded. When you

Worship Me only

Worship Me only. Idolatry has always been the downfall of My people. I make no secrets being a jealous God. Current idols are more subtle than ancient ones because today’s false gods are often outside the field of religion. People, possessions, status, and self-aggrandizement are some of the most popular deities today. Beware of bowing

I am the light of the world

I am the light of the world.  Men crawl through their lives cursing the darkness, but all the while I am shining brightly.  I desire each of my followers to be a light-bearer.  The Holy spirit who lives in you can shine from your face, making me visible to people around you.  Ask my spirit

thankfulness opens the door

Thankfulness opens the door to my presence.  Though I am always with you, I have gone to great measures to preserve your freedom of choice.  I have placed a door between you and me, and I have empowered you to open  or close that door.  There are many ways to open it, but a grateful

Why did God create man male and female?

Answer: God wanted man to be two parts so that together they will be the image of his creation. Males and females need each other in order to multiply. Males and females have their own part in the family. God is not male or female, but he has acted both Motherly and Fatherly. When a

Forgive those who sins against you

Photo by Monique Broekhuisen My children makes a pastime of judging one another-and themselves. But I am the only capable Judge, and I have acquitted you through My own paralleled sacrifices. That is why I am highly offended when I hear My children judge one another or indulge in self-hatred If you live close to

Let me show you the way

Photo by National Library of Ireland on The Commons Let me show you My way for this day. I guide you continually so you can relax and enjoy My Presence in the present. Living well is both discipline and an art. Concentrate on staying close to Me, the divine Artist. Discipline your thoughts to trust

Life and Laughter

I am Life and Laughter in abundance. As you spend time “soaking” in My Presence, you are energized and lightened. Through communing with Me, you transfer your heavy burdens to My strong shoulders. By gazing at Me, you gain My perspective on your life. This time alone with Me, is essential for unscrambling your thoughts


The Modern Catholic

The Modern Catholic

I was born and raised Catholic. I created this blog to explain the Christian Faith through modern terms, along with telling my experiences.