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Is the world a product of Chance?

No. God, not Chance, is the cause of the world. Neither in its origin nor with respect to its intrinsic order and purposefulness is it the product of factors working “aimlessly”. [295-301, 317-318, 320] Christians believe that they can read God’s handwriting in his creation. To scientists who talk about the whole world as a

Why is God the Father?

Why is God “Father”? We revere God as Father first of all because he is the Creator and cares lovingly for his creatures. Jesus, the Son of God, has taught us, furthermore, to regard his Father as our Father and to address him as “our Father”. [238-240] Several pre-Christian religions had the divine title “Father”.

God is the one and the truth

Why do we believe in only one God We believe in only one God because according to the testimony of Sacred Scripture, there is only one God and according to the laws of logic, there can be only one. If there were two gods, then the one God would be a limit on the other;

Who is God?

Who Is God, what do people think about god and who is he? Is he a person? Is he somebody who just created us? Do we receive anything from him? How do we feel about him spiritually? God is referred to human beings in many ways such as Brahman, Zeus, Allah, Jesus Christ, Odin etc.

Catholic vs Protestant. What’s the difference?

When one hears the word “Christian,” they might think of the cross, or perhaps the fish symbol, or even condemning signs. This multitude of images is due to the extreme diversity within the Christian faith, which usually comes down to two sides: Catholics and Protestants. While they both stem from the same core values, there

Saint Francis of Assisi Church

Today we finally went to Church again. I just felt like it was time this morning. I woke up a little late so we couldn’t go to the mass at eleven, where it was in English.  Instead, we went to the one at 11:30, where it was in Spanish.   We are still “Church Hopping”.

Are Catholics allowed to Major in anything science related?

Of course. Catholics are allowed to Major in any science field of study. There are no reasons for Catholics not to be allowed to Major in science studies. Some of the most influential and famous scientists are Catholics. Rene Descartes, who discovered analytic geometry and the laws of refraction, is a Catholic, and there are

A daily prayer

Please, dear Lord, direct my day. Please, bless me with Your holy words. Direct my heart to hear You clearly. Please, heal my extreme tiredness. Relieve my mind of the memory of past hurts, Which blocks my thinking, and keeps me from recognizing new and positive thoughts. Help me experience Your great undying love for


The Modern Catholic

The Modern Catholic

I was born and raised Catholic. I created this blog to explain the Christian Faith through modern terms, along with telling my experiences.