3 habits of highly devoted Catholics

What makes a modern Catholic? With the world we’re living in, Catholics who practiced the way they did during previous centuries are the ones that are called devoted. So what do these people actually do?  Are you part of this small population of people?

Modern Catholics read the bible and are hard as a stone

People can try and convince them that Catholicism is a joke.  Being a devote Catholic, they can defend our religion by knowing all the answers to questions people hit back at them.

They always attend mass.

My grandparents used to go to Church every day at 6 am.  That’s a sign of devotion right there.  Although it might be a little easier for them as they don’t require to be at work 14 hours a day, unlike people their age, they would rather spend their time at Church rather than spending the money they earned through their working years.

They are never late either! I see them always leave early, and they have their prayer books, rosaries and the like.

Catholics always look up to God for assistance whenever something bad or good happens.

The first thing something happens to them they look to God for guidance. Before making a decision on anything, they ensure that they have prayed to God and Mary to ask them if them to be in their rightful condition to be able to make a decision. If not, they pray that God will lead them the way and everything will fall into place. There are plenty of stories like this from the old testament.


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Aurora is a born and raised Catholic. She lived in the Philippines for 18 years then moved to the US. She writes about the differences of the Catholic faith expressed from her past experiences to today.

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