With a relaxed feel and nothing ‘pushy,’ The Modern Catholic offers clear, applicable explanations of Catholicism for today’s society. While remaining true to the facts and tradition of the religion, we attempt to make these concepts easier to understand and relevant for today.

The focus overall is one of peace, joy, and a message of hope – reflective of the more modern mindset of our current Pope Francis. We are not trying to convert anyone, or convince anyone…this is Catholicism in application, to help solve the little problems and not so little problems in life.

Drawing from many different sources and bridging the gap from traditional Catholic viewpoints to today’s pressing issues, we bring practical Catholic doctrine and ideologies – creating a clear, unwavering message from the Catholic perspective. From larger ‘world view’ type thoughts, to more personal questions like ‘why are we here?’ or ‘tips on finding your true love,’ The Modern Catholic tackles all of life’s issues and finds answers that work, even in today’s modern world.

We utilize the talents of different, carefully selected writers with a resume of writing that fits our overall plan. We are dedicated to presenting Catholicism as a living, breathing source of guidance and joy in both good times and bad times. As a daily reference, our messages will be at times thought provoking, at times steeped in tradition, but always with an overall theme of peace, hope, and joy.