confessions go to heaven

Confessions to go to Heaven

Today the priest talked about how people don’t know how to (or what to say) during confession.

By tradition, Christians are supposed to go to confession every week, but with our fast-paced life, I would at least do it once a year. Confessions are what helps us redeem our sins and go to heaven.

People start with (I didn’t rob a bank, I didn’t have sex with anyone). But then we need to confess about within ourselves. Are we trying to love? Do we hate someone?

Jesus says, “The law is just the beginning, but our hearts are in the end.”

Example: Do not covet’s your neighbor’s wife.

It’s not just physical. Thinking about lust about another person is already what we’re judged upon if we should be accepted to the kingdom of God (heaven).

How well we have kept and practiced the greatest love of law is how we’re judged if we should go to heaven.

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