God is not just important.


As a teenager growing up today the world is fast, furious and connected. We live in a world of instant gratification and world where the online often becomes more real than the offline world. In this mess we call life finding time for and getting to know God is not just important but essential.

For some teenagers having a relationship with God is just not cool, they are afraid of what others may think and really don’t like it to be public knowledge. The crazy thing is that that kid sat at the desk in front of you in class or that kid sat in the burger joint who just smiled at you may be having the exact same feelings and concerns about God as you.

Firstly the coolness factor or considered lack of needs to be changed. Jesus in His day was a rebel some saw Him as cool and others not so cool because of His outspoken ways. He, Jesus, God, was perhaps the perfect picture of Cool and in Him there are many similarities that any teenager can find in themselves just be looking in the mirror.

Letting go of the cool or not cool opens up a whole new experience with God and one a teenager or young adult will find useful in this crazy age we live in. An open relationship with God slows you down,  this relationship provides you with someone you can talk to even when you may find it challenging to talk to parents who “Just don’t understand”. God is the God of all understanding and a relationship with Him through prayer and through his truth that has been so kindly written down in the Bible provides answers to anything you can ask.

Accepting God as real and His promises as truth allow you to make clear decisions in life, by having a relationship with God you now have values and standards. God can and will deliver what you need in life, the confusion thanks to raging hormones in your teenage life don’t hinder God. God overcomes that, He is patient and gentle. He allows you to make the choice between right and wrong, through him the right decisions in your life can be  and will be made and in doing so you will become an example to others. It is not just your relationship with God that it is important, it is also how others see your relationship with God.

Teenagers today need morally strong leaders, a teenager who has a relationship with God can become a morally strong leader among their own peers. In the quietness of the relationship with God comes the tools that equip a person to help another or overcome the challenges of the world one is in, the skill and knowledge found in a relationship with God are carried forward in life and turn followers into leaders and teenage leaders are very much in demand in a world where things become more and more morally corrupt. Skills such as patience, so desperately needed in the instant world of 2015, compassion where acceptance of others even those with differing beliefs, cultures and race needs to find its place and the ability to slow down, pause, give thanks and ask for guidance before just going to Google and doing.  Timeless and ageless skills and traits that have become clouded or even lost are rediscovered and brought to the surface in a relationship with God.

Having a relationship with God does not stop you having a life or being a normal teenager. Having a relationship with God just means you have someone on your side to help you live better as a teenager and you can share this to help others do the same.  As a teenager having a relationship with God is not just important but it is essential not just for the individual but each every person that person influences. Don’t be ashamed of a relationship with God, if people say it is not cool let them see you in a few years’ time when God has helped you succeed in areas that make you stand out not as cool but as a leader, a leader of men.



Matt Newnham

Matt Newnham is a Christian, Writer and Speaker. He is a single father and lives in Cape Town, South Africa. Matt is passionate about life and success and his ability to touch the heart of readers has earned him the title “The Master of Emotional Appeal” Follow Matt on Twitter and on his Facebook Page.

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