How is the Church “the Body of Christ” and the “Bride”?

How is the Church “the Body of Christ” and the “Bride”?


Catholics go to Church to celebrate the Holy Eucharist as one. We are members of the Church and without it, it cannot live. The body is similar. We are members of the Body and it needs its members in order to live.

God loves the Church as how a man loves his bride. God is married to the Church. As God will give his heart and soul to the Church, and also his people, this is what man should do to his wife.

Since God loves his Church and his people, he seeks love from us individually. With the many people that deny him and his existence, how do you think he feels when he knows so many people reject him?

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Aurora is a born and raised Catholic. She lived in the Philippines for 18 years then moved to the US. She writes about the differences of the Catholic faith expressed from her past experiences to today.

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