Maybe We Should Have Tried Harder, Since We Were Late

Hello. How are you doing today?
I hope you are fine, like always.
Anyways, I just wanted to share my journey with you back to my faith, our faith. I haven’t told you but because life has been so hard lately, I lost my faith to God. I’m currently working my way back to his heart. I found that I did not feel the same way I used to because I’ve been feeling helpless.
I mostly blame myself for feeling this way because I have not been praying lately. I should pray a lot more, but it’s hard because of the culture I’m living in right now. I know there’s no excuse, but deep in my heart I know I can try harder. I should pray that God helps me try harder.

Today Jay and I went to Church. We were late like usually, but I bravely walked towards the altar to sit up front. This is how my medication I’m taking works. My social anxiety goes away for a little bit and I feel numb, numb enough not to care what other people think of me. Jay is not happy every time I do this, but he knows how important it is to sit up front, to be able to listen to the sermon.

Father Cavana is the priest. Did I tell you he’s awesome? I’m going to now talk about a catholic sermon.

He talked about the three Kings (aka Magi) who visited Jesus when he was born in the manger. King Herod asked them to tell him if they’ve found Jesus. One of the Maji’s had a dream about King Herod wanting death to baby Jesus so they did not tell King Herod where Jesus was.

The story about the three wise Kings is widely known. What I didn’t know about was about King Herod and his agendas. I was so eager to going back to my faith that I bought a child’s bible book from Costco. Believe it or not, it works. I know that some meaning is lost because it is simplified, but it’s better than not understanding at all, at least that’s my opinion. I plan to go to Church next Sunday again and I’ll tell you all about it.

But enough about me, how about you? Did you go to Church today?


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