Mental Health And The Patron Saint

Saint Dymphna is the patron saint for the nervous, emotionally disturbed, and those who suffer mental disorders.

I have a lot of mental disorders, so I realize I should pray to her.

St. Dymphna as the patron saint of mental disorders

I am writing today because I have dedicated to participate in National Blog Posting month (AKA Nablopomo).

Now with the topic:

I started taking medications in 2013. I took adderall for ADHD and now, I have agoraphobia, and bipolar II. I’m not ashamed of having these. In fact, I feel like all my sufferings had an excuse, and this was the excuse.

If I found out aboit Saint Dymphna, I would have prayed to her sooner. Maybe should would have been there to ease the pain even more. Alas, now I know that there is a patron Saint for Mental disorders. Now I know about Saint Dymphna.

Aurora is a born and raised Catholic. She lived in the Philippines for 18 years then moved to the US. She writes about the differences of the Catholic faith expressed from her past experiences to today.

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