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Mental Health And The Patron Saint

Saint Dymphna is the patron saint for the nervous, emotionally disturbed, and those who suffer mental disorders.

I have a lot of mental disorders, so I realize I should pray to her.

St. Dymphna as the patron saint of mental disorders

I am writing today because I have dedicated to participate in National Blog Posting month (AKA Nablopomo).

Now with the topic:

I started taking medications in 2013. I took adderall for ADHD and now, I have agoraphobia, and bipolar II. I’m not ashamed of having these. In fact, I feel like all my sufferings had an excuse, and this was the excuse.

If I found out aboit Saint Dymphna, I would have prayed to her sooner. Maybe should would have been there to ease the pain even more. Alas, now I know that there is a patron Saint for Mental disorders. Now I know about Saint Dymphna.

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