How to Squeeze in Prayers Throughout the Day

Life can get a little busy. Sometimes, we find that, although we want to make more time to pray and spend time with God, our days are so hectic that we just don’t know how to make this happen. However, realistically speaking, it is nearly impossible to spend our every waking moments with noses in the Bible and on our knees praying. So, how do you pray more? Like a busy college student like me, here are things I’ve done.


1. While doing Cardio


It is easy to pray and spend time with God during your exercise time. You can, for instance, read a devotional book, the Bible or any book that will feed your love and faith. You can also listen to Christian music and podcasts, sermon series, Christian books or even the Bible.


2. In the Car


Every single time you find yourself at a spotlight, say a short prayer. You can also listen to sermon series, Christian music and the Bible whenever you are driving. Alternatively, consider embracing the rare silence and the alone time to chat up with our Heavenly Father. If you are driving your family to sports practice of school, narrate a couple of Bible stories.


3. At Work


If it’s allowed, consider streaming Christian music on your machine. Use headphones so that you do not distract or bother your coworkers. You can also set the alarm and take quick breaks a couple of times every day to go say a little prayer.


However, when everything does not seem to be going in your favor, shut yourself in your office and pray more. You can also retreat to the bathroom for a chat with God. Studies have shown that many people employ the washrooms in their workplace to regroup so this won’t be as weird as you might presume. My University actually has a room devoted for spiritual rituals. They call that place the “tranquility room”. I didn’t know about it until I ventured out a quiet place on campus. Know your resources!


You can also subscribe to email devotionals. This will give you tiny nuggets of nourishment every time you check through your email at work.


If there are other Christian faithful in your workplace, consider starting a simple weekly Bible Study, Christian book, or prayer group. Meet up during the lunch hours, say on Friday. Your group will quickly turn into your support system within the hectic and often busy workplace.


Another way to remain rooted in the faith is to get a flip calendar with Bible verses for your work desk. This will give you passages to read and think over every single day you go to the office. It will also make a statement about your faith and belief in Christian teaching.


4. At Home


Get a devotional book for your bathroom and read devotions before starting your day. You can also read devotions out loud to your significant other when they are getting ready or in the shower.


You can also pray whenever you find yourself alone – such as during your shower time. In the same way, consider reading a devotion or the Bible as you eat breakfast or while waiting for your coffee to brew. 



In conclusion, it is easy to learn how to pray more and eventually turn it into a regular habit. So long as you take the time to pray while walking (you can use your fingers to count), when you go to the park to relax or any time you are waiting, you will start drawing closer to God and your faith will grow in leaps and bounds.

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