Saint Francis of Assisi Church

Today we finally went to Church again. I just felt like it was time this morning. I woke up a little late so we couldn’t go to the mass at eleven, where it was in English.  Instead, we went to the one at 11:30, where it was in Spanish.


We are still “Church Hopping”. We need to find a church that will accept whatever paperwork we have as their requirements. It’s not that we’re demanding, but it’s the only kind of paperwork we have. My baptismal certificate basically had nothing on it except my name. We didn’t have Jay’s baptismal certificate either. We could not find it at all. It’s hard to trace back paperwork if you live in the Philippines. It’s just how it is.


The mass we went to was in Spanish. The ambience was rather casual. I’m glad that we didn’t have people staring at us. I guess we fit right in because we basically had the same skin color as everyone else, and they didn’t require any fancy clothes to attend the mass. There were plenty of kids running around as they did not have a room especially for them. Alas, it did not really matter. We are all there at God’s house.


Besides the fact that I could not understand so much what the father was saying, I liked how plenty of people were singing and their songs are a little bit more modern than the regular mass. The Church songs were I came from are very catchy. That’s also one of the reasons why I go to Church. You felt the spirit way more than you did with slow and annoying songs.


One last thing that I noticed that impressed me was how everyone greeted each other “Buenos Dias” at the beginning of the mass, ordered by the father.  The only time we do this is during “Peace is with you”.  But it was actually nice to get to know the people around you before you preached together. I think I will keep St. Francis Church on my list. Hopefully, we’ll have a real experience on the English mass as we did in the Spanish one.




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