The devil is making it hard for us. Luckily, I thank God for the enlightenment.

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The devil is making it hard for us. Luckily, I thank God for the enlightenment.

Once again, I had forgotten why I created this blog in the first place.

I just got off the phone with my grandmother in the Philippines.  I gave her the Vonage phone to take with her so my mother and I could call her whenever I needed her. It’s been so hard trying to call her these days because of all the craziness here in the states.

As always, I had a lovely conversation with my grandmother. She told me about how she converted to being a Methodist into a Catholic. Back when they were in College, they both attended a Catholic University. Seeing as they had to take religion classes, my grandmother was convinced that the only true religion is Catholicism. She also mentioned that my grandfather told her that she would need to convert to being a Catholic because it would not make sense for them not to go to Church together. But when they married and had a child, my grandmother was still not a Catholic at that time. When she thought about it, she brought my uncle (her first son) to the Church and asked to convert them.  Boy does my grandmother sound like a strong lady.

It’s been so hard trying to get married in Church. Our current priest requires a lot of things from us and it’s just too difficult to complete. I am almost done with the checklist they provided us but there’s just one last thing we cannot get, and that is Jay’s baptismal certificate. I understand that this would be proof that we’re both not married, but it’s completely impossible to get it. Even my baptismal certificate had nothing written on the back saying that I was even baptized or have my first communion.  Jay and I cannot wait two years to complete all this to get married. We don’t have the funds to do it.

A few days ago, I thought about going to another priest that will help us. It’s not that we are skipping steps, but every day we live unmarried every day we sin.  We are just getting deeper and deeper in the black hole. There are so many unfortunate things that are happening to us that it is time to not sit around and wait if they finally found the certificate. It’s time to ask.  Jay’s sister even went to the Philippines, but she still could not find it either.  At this point, what do we do now?

My future husband and I are not blessed. The longer we stay like this, the harder our lives are going to be. Sure enough, everything we’ve been going through is the course of bad luck. But right now, I finally found a solution to my problem. Less talking and more doing. I shall find another priest that will help us receive gifts from God. I will go to the office first thing in the morning.

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