The 4th Sunday of Lent

Today we were late for Church for 15 minutes.
The reason we were 15 minutes was because I woke up this morning and went back to sleep. I woke up again 30 mins before 11.

It is the 4th Sunday, the Joyous Sunday.
Fr. Cavana’s Sermon:

You see your destination in the distance. We see Jerusalem ahead of us. We can rejoice because we are nearly home.

There is a goal we are striving for, and it is insight!

But, our penances and sacrifices will not end. Our penances and sacrifice help us reach our happy goal.

We have endurance in order to continue doing this.

Our dreams will be our reality!

Clearly, Fr. Cavana talked about how the Lent season is almost over. I know as good Catholics, we were supposed to give up something that we want. I don’t know what to give up. But I thought to myself, and I thought that I should probably give up some of my work time, in order to spend with my husband.

Father talked about the theme of today is Christian Hope, Christian Joy, or Hope and Joy together. I think this is because we are half-way there, and this sacrifice we are doing is almost over.

We shouldn’t look to ourselves as motivation. We should look at others. Looking to ourselves as motivation as to why we are trying to be a good Catholic is selfish. Your motivation should come from:
-The Love of Good
-The love of you Neighbor

If the sacrifice to have motivation comes from ourselves, then we need therapy, not motivation. There’s nothing wrong with needing therapy, but we must realize that we need to be selfless in order to make God happy.

We should be sorrowful.
The opposite of Joy is not sorrow. The opposite of Joy is despair.
As father Cavana explain, despair does not please God.

But what does please God?
-a cheerful Giver (one who can rejoice even when burdened)
-one that has inner strength even when weak
-one that gives life abundantly, even when they are dying.

It seems very hard, but, that’s what Christ did for us.

Years back, people did lent for forty years. Now, we only celebrate for forty days. (For some reason, I keep seeing this in the Bible. I think it has some significance.)

Temptations are like terrorists. They try to provoke us.

The next thing Father started talking about is the cross behind him.

The cross you see above me is a hint of resurrection. It is tame, and it tells us what is to come.

He talked about how we all know the image of how Christ died, and it was not as clean and pretty as the ones that are commercialized.

When we are exhausted, fed up, and suffering, you must embrace the cross that is given.

This means that if we accept all the hardships we have, then we will receive motivation. I think it is somewhat similar to how people say that the reason God gives us these hardships is because he knows that we can handle it.

Today we prayed for:
-those who preferred dark from light
-those that do not confess because they are afraid or because of pride.

In the end, he mentions: there are about more than 52 million Catholics in the Us. Also, the theme for today is dark pink (purple)

Quite Frankly, I know that sermons are already schedule for the whole year. I’m having this problem of understanding them, so I write them down. If you read what I wrote above, it is somewhat of a mess. I’m trying to analyze and organize it as much as I can, so that maybe I can explain it to people who are confused as I am. Ergo, I will continue to go to Church every week but try harder to get there on time.

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