The top 3 traits for picking a bible


There are different types of bibles which can be bought anywhere.  When you are purchasing one, make sure that you buy one that isn’t too expensive or the right one! Here are a few tips in purchasing your bible (or maybe even your very first one!

A Catholic version is what you need.

One of few things people make mistakes are that they get the wrong bible.  Picking the wrong bible can change the viewpoint of what you are thinking. It’s best if you get the Catholic version. Think of it as a goal, try to analyze it to where you understand it. It is said that this is our journey.  We’re supposed to demystify the Bible.


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How well do you understand the scriptures?

Of course, try to get the version where it is you can understand it better than the others. You might think that this may be the same, but it greatly differs. Not only will you enjoy it more compared to the other one you didn’t understand but it will take you less time to uncover the meanings of the scripture. There are also Bibles’ that show explanation in different formats which are then even more useful.

Can you read it to where you can understand it?

There are pocket-sized bibles and then there are specialty bibles. Don’t forget that that price comes into play here too. The pocket bibles, believe it or not, are really hard to read especially if you’re trying to demystify the content. Some people might actually want to highlight a couple of scriptures for safe keeping. If you’re going to highlight, I suggest you get the regular bible. As you get older, you might want to get a better Bible compared the one you have now. Maybe something that is made out of leather will work as it is well protected and looks really attractive.

Lastly, you need to like it!

Of course, you need to like your bible. If you don’t like your Bible, you might not even pick it up.



Aurora is a born and raised Catholic. She lived in the Philippines for 18 years then moved to the US. She writes about the differences of the Catholic faith expressed from her past experiences to today.



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