Top 10 catholic universitiy reviews

Here is a list of the top 10 Catholic universities that we have researched and ranked.

  1. The University of Notre Dame gets the number one spot because it is a very special place. It has one of the best communities, an amazing Catholic environment, very high reputation and “BEWARE”, you should expect to have some rigorous workload at Notre Dame and pretty strict rules. Dame has an amazing campus, fun sports, and very cool college students.  This University was found in 1842, and it has maintained its Catholic roots throughout the years. Notre has always been among the top universities and is very recognizable by its research endeavors. The University has five colleges – Arts and Letters, Engineering, Science, The School of Architecture and the Mendoza College of Business. All in all, there are 65 undergraduate degree programs. One big con of the Notre Dame is the high annual net price.

  2. College of the Holy Cross is one of the best Catholic colleges. It has an excellent campus, amazing faculty, beautiful old brick buildings that are combined with brand new and retro-style buildings.  This College has many student activities, health and wellness programs, carnivals, concerts and many other cool things.  Holy Cross provides countless unique and diverse opportunities to learn through internships, speaker series and they focus on shaping the student as a whole person. College of the Holy Cross provides a wonderful learning environment for students.

  3.  Mount Carmel College of Nursing is a four-year private school, it is a Roman Catholic urban college established in 1903. It has a student to faculty ratio of 12:1 and the students at Carmel College have high-quality instructions.  40% of the students at Mount Carmel are 25 years or older. 90% of the students at this college receive financial aid to defray the cost of their attendance.

  4.  Villanova is a Roman Catholic arts college. One amazing fact about this college is its success. The graduation rate at this college is 90%, and 99% of the graduates get employed within six months of their graduation. Villanova was founded in 1842 and it has a tradition of academic excellence and very selective admission rates. The most popular studies at the Villanova University are business, marketing, engineering, social science and healthcare.

  5.  Georgetown University is founded in 1789 by the first American Catholic bishop, John Carroll. GU is the oldest university in the United States.  Among the most popular studies are social sciences, business, communications, liberal arts, and healthcare. The university has very notable alumni such as Bill Clinton, Maria Shriver and Patrick Ewing. Freshmen and sophomores are required to live on-campus.  Student to teacher ratio at GU is 11:1 and the University strives to make it possible for each admitted student to enroll by covering the entire cost of tuition and fees through scholarships, loans, and other financial aid. Georgetown has one of the best academic programs including Ethnical, Cultural, Gender and Group Studies. Admission is extremely selective!

  6.  Boston College has one of the highest quality programs in the areas of history, sciences, legal studies, and communication. Most popular studies are Finance and economy, biology and psychology. Boston College has a huge commitment to academic excellence and faith.  This college is also popular for its high level of research activity. Boston College was founded in 1863 by the Society of Jesus, and it continually maintains its connection to its Jesuit tradition.

  7.  Santa Clara University is a private school. It has strong Jesuit roots and the students get numerous opportunities from the campus ministry to strengthen their faith. The school is famous for providing rigorous and rewarding education. The most popular studies at Santa Clara are business and social sciences. Students at Santa Clara University can maintain a close connection with their faith and beliefs. Santa Clara University is the oldest institution of higher learning in California. The University was founded in 1851, and it offers seven graduate and three bachelor’s degree programs. They aim to educate students in order to create a more just, humane and sustainable world. One of the most important things that Santa Clara focuses on is sustainability. SC University is ranked second among the country’s Best Colleges in the Western Region in the 2015 edition of U.S. News & World Report.

  8.  Providence College has a strong Catholic and Dominican identity and offers mass services to students and faculty. The college maintains a strong Catholic tradition, and they provide intellectual events, spiritual events, and service opportunities. Students can work closely with their professors and equip themselves with the knowledge and skills required to be successful after graduation. The most popular programs are business and social science. This College provides high quality, top notch education.

  9.  Ave Maria University is a pretty awesome university. Ave is faithful to the teachings of the Catholic Church, and they strive to educate the whole person. This university is relatively new, and it is founded in 2003 by a Catholic philanthropist. The most popular majors at this university are English philosophy, religious studies, and performing arts.

  10. The Catholic University of America is a good school, a nice place to learn. It is a small, conservative, Catholic community of devoted students mixed with a liberal arts university in Washington, D.C. The CUA has a good quality campus and a brilliant nightlife, parties, and a healthy social atmosphere. The Catholic University of America is both a party school and a very religious and proud Catholic school, where students can grow in their faith. The University is not perfect, but it’s not a bad university, most common problems that students seem to face are: They claim to have some bad professors, and not everything seems to be functioning good at times. The school appears to be very expensive for many people, and almost everyone says that the food is not that good. Overall, The Catholic University of America is a pretty good university.


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