The top 3 Catholic Books for Young Adults

Here is our pick for the top 3 Catholic Books for Young Adults.

  1. [easyazon_link identifier=”0819870811" locale=”US”]Saints for Young Readers for Every day, Vol 1: January-June[/[/easyazon_link]li>

Saints for young readers tells about the life of a saint whose feast day it is that day. The stories are enjoyable and about a variety of saints. As the back cover says, “In these books [I[IE. the two volumes which cover the year]ou will meet saints from every nation and race, from centuries long past right down to recent times. You will come to know saintly kings and workers, queens and housemaids, popes and priests, nuns and religious brothers. They were doctors and farmers, soldiers and lawyers, mothers and fathers, teenagers and children. These great and humble men and women prayed and worked, and never gave up trusting in Jesus. You can be like them too.” At the end of each story there is some way suggested that you can apply some principle of the saint’s life into the daily lives of children.

2.   [e[easyazon_link identifier=”B004L62EL2" locale=”US”]morize the Faith! (and Most Anything Else): Using the Methods of the Great Catholic Medieval Memory Masters[/ea[/easyazon_link]

Great book that will help you in life and a very good memorization exercise.

3. [eas[easyazon_link identifier=”0918477484" locale=”US”]ath to Heave: A Young Person’s Guide to the Faith[/easy[/easyazon_link]p>This book is a very good book for young people. It explains the  essentials of the Faith as God s will, angels, Heaven and Hell, the Fall of man, the Holy Trinity, the Incarnation, the Nativity, the Passion, salvation, the sacraments, faith, hope, love, and contrition, and it teaches children the relevance of these truths in their lives and in the decisions they make.

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