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Saint John, the Husband of Mary

To the man whose words were never recorded in the Scriptures, the Church honors today with a great solemnity, so important his life and example are for us all. St. Joseph’s privilege was to be the husband of the Virgin Mary – truly a match made in heaven. As her husband he became the head

Who holds the real meanings of the bible?

The question is centuries old. Since the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Church has split into factions. The Great Schism and the Reformation are the two most famous splits in church history, but they are the biggest ones. Today it is estimated there are over 30,000 different sects of Christians around the world.

How does one become a Pope?

There is no other better explanation that this video. Of course, there are a few exceptions. Here is what Father Heppel says: The video is essentially correct. There a few things that have changed since JP2: he ruled that only a Cardinal can be elected, and that cardinals of a certain age can neither elect

What is the Church and why do people go there?

The English word “church” in the Bible is a translation of the Greek word “ekklesia” which means “a gathering of people”. Ekklesia was not a religion term. It was a word that was used to refer to people gathered for civil purposes; it was used for a group of soldiers who were gathered for military

Why do Christians need to go to mass?

For many people, Christians and non-Christians alike, one of the biggest questions they come to grapple with is, “Why do I need to attend church?” To those who don’t believe, the answer is simple: why would I attend a meeting of something I don’t believe in? For Christians, however, the matter is a bit more

What is Christmas? Why do Christians celebrate it?

  I love to celebrate birthdays. Whether it is my big day or a dear friend’s  — the act of celebrating someone’s life is a beautiful thing. A person’s presence is a wonderful gift to the world, no matter how small their imprint. At Christmas, Christians the world over celebrate perhaps the most famous birthday

What is high mass & High Priest?

Does any of you know what is high Mass or what or who is the high Priest in the Catholic Church? You’ve opened the right site to find out all about these matters. Before we can get to know what is High Mass, we must assume there is Low Mass. In the middle ages, there

What are the 7 deadly sins and why should we care?

Most people have a very shallow knowledge of sins in general and the seven deadly sins. The word sin is mentioned many times in the Bible, beginning with the original sin where Adam and Eve were fooled by Satan and ate fruit from the forbidden tree. Sin is an offense against reason, truth, and right

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