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How did the Catholic Religion come about?

About two thousand years ago the life and death of Jesus Christ forever changed the world. He was condemned for heresy by the Jewish people proclaiming to be the Messiah, promised in the old testament. He was crucified, died and buried. Followers initially abandoned him. However, in time they strengthened and emerged, testifying of an

What is Mass?

First good day to you all, and God bless. Most of us pray, we pray at home and our Churches. But do you know what’s it all about praying at Churches, what’s it called, where it originated? Well, you have come to the right place to find the answers. Mass is the central act of

How do I join the Catholic Church?

When one is born into a Catholic family, the child is usually baptized and raised in the faith. However, when someone is not born into the faith they cannot revert back to physical infancy. Instead, the current Church relies on the early practices of conversion among the early church, which converted Jews and Gentiles alike.

Why do Catholics pray to Mary?

One of the most questioned practices of the Catholic Church is “Why Do You Guys Pray To Mary?” Most branches of Christianity do not see that praying to Mary, the Mother of Jesus, as a valid form of prayer because it is not directed to God himself. However, it is not simply on a whim

Catholic are not Christians, or are they?

The Christian faith is the largest system of belief across the world, but it is also the most fractured. With so many groups that claim to follow Jesus Christ, the idea of doctrine has lead to who can validly claim the title of Christian. Even the Roman Catholic Church is under such scrutiny. Is this

Is the world a product of Chance?

No. God, not Chance, is the cause of the world. Neither in its origin nor with respect to its intrinsic order and purposefulness is it the product of factors working “aimlessly”. [295-301, 317-318, 320] Christians believe that they can read God’s handwriting in his creation. To scientists who talk about the whole world as a

Why is God the Father?

Why is God “Father”? We revere God as Father first of all because he is the Creator and cares lovingly for his creatures. Jesus, the Son of God, has taught us, furthermore, to regard his Father as our Father and to address him as “our Father”. [238-240] Several pre-Christian religions had the divine title “Father”.

Who is God?

Who Is God, what do people think about god and who is he? Is he a person? Is he somebody who just created us? Do we receive anything from him? How do we feel about him spiritually? God is referred to human beings in many ways such as Brahman, Zeus, Allah, Jesus Christ, Odin etc.


The Modern Catholic

The Modern Catholic

I was born and raised Catholic. I created this blog to explain the Christian Faith through modern terms, along with telling my experiences.