What is Love?

What is “Love”?

Love is the free self-giving of the heart.

It is when you feel for someone that you give or offer yourself to them. Whether for a friend, to a family member, random stranger or anyone you encounter in life, you can give love to them.

Love can come in different ways. For example, having to help a friend out from their need because you feel that you need to help. That is love. Showing passion on things that you create or you do in life, that is love. Being friends with complete strangers, is love. Helping those who are in need because you see their struggle and you want to take that load off their backs, that is love.

A beautiful love is between a man and a woman, in which they both give themselves to each other forever. We also demonstrate the love for God when we give ourselves to him. That is why when we give ourselves to each other in the name of God, we become “one flesh”.


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