Who is God?

Who Is God, what do people think about god and who is he? Is he a person? Is he somebody who just created us? Do we receive anything from him? How do we feel about him spiritually?

God is referred to human beings in many ways such as Brahman, Zeus, Allah, Jesus Christ, Odin etc. Different religions follow different gods. God is required in human lives so that we could surrender ourselves for all our actions and express our gratitude by worshipping him.

Why do we need God?

Whenever we feel down or have something that we are not able to share with anyone, then we seek to God because we have the faith and belief that he will set things right. God listens to all of us, from anywhere and everywhere. Religions have religious places, where they go to perform prayer, for Christians the Church, Muslims go the Mosque, Hindus go to the temple, etc. Although we all have such place’s to perform prayer, we do also say our prayers at home and whenever we feel that we need to speak out to God. When we have no solution for a problem and when we feel like our existence has no value, praying to God in silence helps us feel strong.

Human has explained God in many ways

At different ages, people start to think about God in different ways, in fact, many even forget the existence of God. If God didn’t exist who created us? Every beauty that we see around us, who created them? Who created the Universe? Who created the two different gender Male and female so that they can love each other? God is there; he has sent us to this world for a reason, and we need to follow the Holy Scriptures properly to sustain the most generous life of humanity. At one point in time when we all realize, we need to accept and follow the path God has shown us, life becomes a lot more peaceful. At critical times, God gives us hope and in good times, the same God keeps us from squandering control of visions.
I do not fear anyone, other than God, because if I have done a mistake or a sin, God has seen it. One day, on the day of judgement I am answerable to him and nobody can deny this truth. So why not take the gifts he has bestowed upon us from now on. We all come from different religions, and I know all the religions teach us love, mercy, caring, non-violence. Also our religion has taught us to have pride in ourselves, respect our parents, love our neighbor, reach up for yourself, hold yourself liable, give to the poor. If any religion that speaks against these, then you should not follow that, because it is a man-made religion that spread evil things, and we only follow the one that shows us peace and prosperity.

Believing in God

I strongly believe if a holy book says, we should do something, and then we have to see the reason behind it. Why do we have these? Why have we been sent to the world? This world is a test for all us. we have people whom we follow as the instructor like the Father, the monk, the Muazzem, the pooja Ri, we all have teachers in every religion. It is important that we develop by reading authentic Holy Books, and when there is any query, we should seek help from a knowledgeable person. When my mother was undergoing an operation and her conditions were critical, I prayed to God, to make my mother well. By God’s grace, she came out healthy, and she is smiling in front of us today. God listens to all of us, and because of your good deeds, God will help you in your bad time. I would suggest every Christian, Hindu, Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist and all other religion to bestow their faith in God as a whole.

How is God being presentable by people?

There are many places I have seen where people use God, as a way to make money, which in my eyes is completely wrong. If you are donating to your church or religious place where you pray to renovate or to expand the place so that more people can come and pray, then it’s fine. However, I have seen people pouring milk on statues, paying money to statues, etc. I mean God created us, and he would want us to spend our money for welfare. People are dying because of poverty, instead of helping them, we pay money to those materialistic things. If we think about it, God only wants us to believe in him and lead our life properly. He wants us to pray to him, not pay for him; he wants us to be wise, he wants us to help people. I do not mean to offend anybody, but whoever has started this type of related business, using the name of “God” need to put it to end. We all are educated, and we should always stand against things that are not right.

May God grant us forgiveness of our sins, and bestow his blessing on all of us for the good things that we wish to do on earth. Amen!

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